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So, you were looking to put your home on the market before you suddenly realized that there was extensive damage done to the wooden portions of your property’s structure. You stress, you investigate, and you realize you have.. a termite infestation?

Sound familiar? It’s okay if it does, just don’t hit the panic button yet! We’re here to lead you through the process of handling termite damage which, in the state of Florida, may be more common than you’d think.

Before you start funneling money into repairing the damage so that your property is in adequate shape, stop and attack the heart of the problem first. Repairing any damage will ultimately be rendered futile if you don’t treat the termites first, so your first calls should be to a local pest control company in order to eradicate the original infestation.

Once that is handled, of course, you can begin to assess the harm done to your home.

Depending on how severe the structural damage is, you may only need to clear the top wood layer or add additional wood support in the event that the destruction is manageable. This approach is easier and less cost-intensive, and to scrape away the top layer of wood really only requires the purchase of sandpaper, filler, and a top coat of polish.

In the worst of cases, you may want to simply start dialing in the professional help now. If the structural damage was highly invasive, you may need to replace the wooden parts altogether. This is especially likely if the termites flew under the radar for long enough, rendering parts of your property entirely unsalvageable.

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Freedom Home Buyers, as a locally owned and trusted company in Jacksonville, is familiar with the challenge termites present to property owners in Florida. But if you’re looking to sell your house and don’t know where to start in repairing the termite damage, there’s no need for despair! Call Freedom Home Buyers today to sell your house fast and for cash. Not only will we cover the closing costs, but we’ll even pay for any necessary repairs without an inspection or appraisal!

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