We saved this one, we were able top stop foreclosure.

Sometimes a homeowner finds themselves facing foreclosure.  There are  many reasons someone might end up there… but there is ONE SURE WAY to stop foreclosure and avoid it sitting on your credit report for 10 years.  SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST.

If you find that yourself in a situation where you absolutely can’t make up the payments and the bank is ready to proceed with foreclosure, working with a real estate investor like Freedom Home Buyers can be the answer to all your problems.  We can buy your house fast, for cash and close quickly enough to STOP foreclosure now.

We recently had this very situation arise with a homeowner on Herron View.  She was facing eminent foreclosure and didn’t have a way to stop it.  We were able to come in and make a deal that stopped the foreclosure process dead in it’s tracks and gave her some financial reprieve.  She was able to offload the house and save her credit in the process.

Freedom Home Buyers bought this property for cash… QUICK… and completely transformed the house from what it was… to what it could be.  A truly beautiful home.

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Renovation Recap

  • Eminent Foreclosure
  • Homeowners abandoned property leaving everything
  • 3 Dumpsters Filled
  • New Roof
  • New Floors
  • New Kitchen
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • New AC
  • New Paint
  • Pool Refinished

Sometimes, selling your home can be your best bet to stop foreclosure and get a house back up and ready to live in, which helps the community and everyone involved.  Freedom Home Buyers can help you make that step now.  Call us @ 904.274.4823.

There are other ways to stop foreclosure such as:

  • Short Sale
  • Bankruptcy
  • Deed In Lieu
  • Foreclosure Workout

The first four come with their own set of troubles.  Some have high upfront costs and no guarantee of getting you out of debt or out from under your house.  Others have the same basic effect on your credit as the foreclosure itself.  Contact Freedom Home Buyers today and stop foreclosure… get your life back.

(You may also enjoy our article on Stopping Foreclosure.  CLICK HERE to read.)

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Freedom Home Buyers is a local Jacksonville company with the experience in purchasing real estate. We have over 400 successful deals under our belts in the past 4 years. Unlike some "Cash For Houses" businesses, we are an established member of the Jacksonville community. Our office is located in the historic Riverside district @ 1605 King Street. We have a full staff of trained professionals to help you with your real estate needs. We are BBB ACCREDITED. You can rest assured that Freedom Home Buyers can help solve your real estate problems.

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Freedom Home Buyers is in the business of solving real estate problems. Whatever your situation, our trained team of professionals can help you work through it with the best possible outcome. If you have a house you need to sell FAST and want to get paid CASH for it... We can help!

  • We Pay All Fees and Closing Costs
  • We Close Fast
  • We Buy Your House As-Is
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