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Sell Fast, Sell Efficient: Knowing How To Price your Home

Knowing how to market your property effectively is a major roadblock for sellers who have either never sold before or simply don’t know where to start. Not knowing how much to ask for your property is detrimental to success in the housing market, and the pressure can really be on whether or not you’re trying to sell as fast as possible. If you’re not sure how to go about pricing your property, you’ll want to keep these three tactics in mind:

  1. Research the Competition: Scoping out other houses on the market is always going to be the best place to start when deciding how much to sell for. In order to be successfully competitive in the market, you need to be honest with yourself and understand where your property stands in comparison to others. While you never want to undervalue your house and not sell it for as much as it’s worth, pricing it too high will also ensure that you’ll never get it to sell. By researching the competition, you’ll be able to effectively gauge how much buyers are expecting to spend on your house and therefore sell it faster. The key concept here is to be reasonable in your asking price.
  2. View Withdrawn and Expired Listings:It’s not just about viewing property that is selling successfully—it’s about preventing your home from failing in the market altogether. Look at the withdrawn and expired listings to get an idea of what is currently undesirable to potential buyers. How long were these houses on the market? How much were they asking for? Were there any qualities that they all appeared to share? If you can determine a thread of common factors, you can learn what not to do with your property.
  3. Take Advantage of Value Range Marketing: Having difficulty in pinning down a specific price to ask for? Go for the value range approach, instead. The first question you should ask yourself is what the lowest offer you’re willing to accept would be. Make this your starting price, as the idea is to negotiate up from there. On the other end of your range, you should determine a number either at or slightly above what you believe your property is worth. This way, you can create a range of values to potentially receive for your property and attract buyers who are more open to working with you.

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