Home Buying Process

What is our process?

We try to make the home buying process as simple as possible. Through fine tuning our buying process, we have come up with a five step plan to ensure a successful sale.

It all starts with initial contact. At this point you have either reached out to us or our acquisition team has reached out to you because we have a special interest in your home.

After we make contact, we would love to meet you! We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated. Tangibility and transparency is what we leverage our credibility on – that in addition to our over 400 successful home purchases. Once we get a feel of your situation and figure out where you best fit in our acquisition model. This meeting time will also be used to survey the property in question.

Once the initial meeting has been completed, we will contact you with an offer. This offer will be a free, no obligation, cash offer that you are free to accept and move towards closing on your own time.

If you respond to our offer and we agree on a fair price for your property, we can reach the acceptance stage! At this point, we will work to make sure that you are fully protected while working with some of the best title agencies to ensure you experience the easiest process possible.

Finally, we have arrived at the closing. This is when you sign on the dotted line and we pay you! We finalize all title exchanges and ensure that all legal documentation is correct. As soon as this is completed, the cash is yours!

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So what’s the bottom line?

We have fine tuned our processes to make it simple and convenient for you. Once we are contacted, we set up an initial meeting and survey the property. We will contact you with an offer, agree on a fair price, and close! It’s as simple as that. We love what we do and want to do everything we can to help you get through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

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Freedom Home Buyers is a local Jacksonville company with the experience in purchasing real estate. We have over 400 successful deals under our belts in the past 4 years. Unlike some "Cash For Houses" businesses, we are an established member of the Jacksonville community. Our office is located in the historic Riverside district @ 1605 King Street. We have a full staff of trained professionals to help you with your real estate needs. We are BBB ACCREDITED. You can rest assured that Freedom Home Buyers can help solve your real estate problems.

* We are not lawyers, nor are we attempting to provide legal advice in any way.  Please always seek the advice of qualified legal council if you have questions about real estate or any other legal matter.


Freedom Home Buyers is in the business of solving real estate problems. Whatever your situation, our trained team of professionals can help you work through it with the best possible outcome. If you have a house you need to sell FAST and want to get paid CASH for it... We can help!

  • We Pay All Fees and Closing Costs
  • We Close Fast
  • We Buy Your House As-Is
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