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April was a rough one, folks…
BUT, look at all of us…still here and still driving forward!

What did you get done in April?
Who did you help? Who helped you?
What can WE do to help YOU this month?

We had several deals come together
in April that we are pretty proud of!
Our team, partners, and vendors all came
together to make some pretty neat things happen!

Clyde Dr – We found this one in February and helped save it
from tax deed sale, closed in early April.
Breve Dr – Helped a family of “fighting” siblings that needed
to get this from probate to the closing table, closed on April 14th.
Meakie Rd – Another family in distress with impending tax deed sale, rolling
fines and liens, brought it to close on April 24th.
Haworth Ave – Rescued this one from a bad tenant and foundation
issues, closed on April 27th.
Sweet Briar Ln – Out of town seller with a long probate
timeline, we acquired in mid March and got it to close late April.
Seabreeze Dr – Unexpected death in family led to probate and many title
issues including open permits, brought to close April 30th.
Lake Lucina Dr – Abandoned house sent to us through
referral, brought to closing in less than 30 days.
Astral St – Helped a tired landlord, we bought with tenants
in place, completed updates and got it sold to a new family April 30th

We are looking forward to
an AMAZING month of MAY!

I want to know what I can do to HELP YOU!

We are still looking for multi-family, buildable lots, mobile
home parks, acreage, more!

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